Course Information

This year’s Junior Taster Course runs from Monday 26th to Friday 30th July 2021 inclusive.

The course is open to children between the ages of 8 and 10. Children MUST be 8 yrs of age at the time of the course. Note change of minimum age to 8. This is principally due to Covid limitations meaning restricted numbers on course. We are also only running half day courses.

Allocation of places

The numbers will have to be restricted due to the requirements for social distancing. It is, therefore, very important that you get your application in as soon as possible.

All applications received will be time and date stamped and places will be allocated as follows:

1. Members and local schoolchildren in the order applications received

followed by

2. Non-members in the order applications received.

Members and locals preference will not apply on applications received after 11th April.

You should expect to receive a confirmation of place on course or on a waiting list by end of April. At this point, payment will be required to secure a place.

Half Day Course

This is run over the five days and is broken into two groups – one group at 10am to 1pm and the other group between 2pm and 5pm. The course is very “fun focused” and has proven to be a gentle, fun way for kids to get involved in sailing.

Places are limited so we would encourage you to book early. Priority will be given to paid up members but even for members allocation of places is on a first come first serve basis as it is possible that the numbers applying may exceed the available places. The application process is the same as last year – no payment will be collected until after we have sent you confirmation that your child has secured a place on the course. The cost of the half day course is €160.

Baltimore Sailing Club will provide boats for children on the half day courses, but if a child has access to their own boat to use for the half day course this would be very helpful to the club. The half day course is based on one instructor and two children sharing one boat.


It is not advised to bring valuables with you to the course, but if necessary there is a safe box behind the bar.

Do not bring any valuables as the changing rooms and clubhouse will be closed.

What To Wear

What you wear when sailing has a big effect on whether you will enjoy the experience or not. If a child is too cold or gets sunburnt they are unlikely to want to get out on the water again!

Buoyancy Aid – make sure it fits properly and it is appropriate for the weight of the sailor. If it is damaged it needs to be replaced.

Wetsuit – Ireland is too cold not to wear a wetsuit! Sailors must wear a wetsuit. Even if it appears sunny the water is still very cold.

Footwear – wetsuit boots (booties) or old runners are appropriate. Flip flops are not allowed in and around the sailing club or when sailing as they do not protect the feet and can fall off easily.

Other useful gear includes:

  • Kag/Windbreaker
  • Swimming togs
  • Rash Vest
  • Sailing Gloves
  • Hat- for hot or cold weather
  • Sun cream
  • Sunglasses

Please note that sailors should arrive at the course dressed to go sailing, as the changing rooms will not be open.


Taster Course Application Form