Developing Race Official Qualifications

Are you interested in developing your Racing Knowledge?

You may have seen in last week’s Irish Sailing Newsletter that there are courses available for those wishing to upskill in this area – full details here.

The Club are interested in compiling a list of all members interested in developing their racing knowledge. Those members who wish to assist and contribute to running events by hearing protests and promoting rule observance etc.

Irish Sailing currently delivers two courses intended to train and qualify sailors who wish to contribute to running our sport by hearing protests and promoting rule observance.

The first course is on Protest Committee Member and the second is Irish Sailing Judges Seminar.

If you have an interest in the Club contacting you about any upcoming training in these areas please email We may be able to organise to run courses locally if there is sufficient numbers interested.

The contact person in Irish Sailing is Sarah Louise Rossiter on

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